Please read these articles describing the detailed EFAC school and community activities for each month:
  • Tuesday, September 5 – First day of school for CPS!
    ALES: no EFAC class. All students arrive at the normal ALES hour, 8:45AM
    LPHS: students attend EFAC classes according to their schedule (1stperiod starts at 7:45AM)
  • Wednesday, September 6 – First day of class for EFAC at ALES
    (Only 1 EFAC hour that day, from 7:50 to 8:45. Please arrive at the stairs in front of the school/main entry – the following days will be normal with all EFAC hours per level).
    BE AWARE that kindergarten students start every day at 8 :45AM (no first morning period).

  • Saturday, September 9 – 1 to 3PM: EFAC Picnic in Oz Park (by the statue of Dorothy)
    Please join EFAC families at the annual EFAC Back-to-School Picnic, bring your blanket, lunch and drinks, meet the new families as well as the teaching staff and the direction of EFAC.
  • Monday, September 11 – EFAC board meeting at 6:30PM in ALES library
  • Wednesday, September 20 – EFAC event for new parents at 6PM
    (location TBD)

Friday, September 29 – EFAC General Assembly (At Commonwealth Plaza 330 W Diversey Parkway, Chicago, IL 60657)
We strongly encourage all families to participate. Members of the board as well as members of the school council will be elected during the General Assembly. A “potluck” will follow the meeting.