The director manages the school and ensures the highest standard of French education within the American school system

Isabelle David: Director French-American School of Chicago

Born in Saumur in Maine et Loire, France, Isabelle David studied literature and languages at the University of Angers, then at the Sorbonne in Paris. She holds a Master’s degree in German and a Bachelor’s degree in French Foreign Language (FLE). Isabelle lived twelve years in Vienna, Austria and taught French language and literature for the Austrian Ministry of Education.

Alongside her career in education, Isabelle pursued a career in business, as project manager, manager and consultant for Siemens, Austria (9 years), SynerDeal, France (2 years) and finally Accenture, United States (7 years). Besides being a commitment business professional, Isabelle continued to devote a significant portion of her time and energy to education and the arts, in particular, designing and teaching language courses and literature for the Architecture Program of the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Paris. Since arriving in the United States she has developed and taught numerous courses in literature and culture at the Alliance Française in Chicago. Isabelle runs several literary circles and writes a blog devoted to literature and the arts. Isabelle speaks four languages besides French and English: German, Russian, Italian and Spanish.

Within the French-American School of Chicago she can concentrate on her life’s passion, teaching the language and cultures of the French world, while also leveraging skills gained in the business world.