Since 1980, the French American School of Chicago (EFAC) mission is to offer students a francophone education recognized by the French Ministry of Education. With its inclusion in the American public system students receive both a bilingual and bicultural education, which allows them to expand their knowledge of the open issues of our multicultural society and to become more responsible and independent citizens. The dual experience of learning and socialization also offers them the opportunity to pursue studies in the French education system or in the educational systems of English-speaking countries.

EFAC is distinguished by its privileged location within two American public schools. It combines the excellence of the two school systems. Students follow the American school and the French program of National Education. The French curriculum is approved until the end of primary school (CM2) and then based on the CNED (National Centre for Distance Education) for middle and high school, where the emphasis is on literature and world history.

EFAC students have the opportunity to experience different methods of knowledge acquisition in a unique learning environment. Their journey prepares them to pursue studies in the French system or in another English educational system as well as passing the tests of the French Baccalaureate and International Baccalaureate of Geneva.

EFAC students follow class every day in French and English, with each course having its own learning methods that meet the needs of each culture. Students greatly benefit from the teaching diversity in the academic program and socially. During their school day they pass from one context to the other several times, learning to manage their schedules and activities within the language and the code of both educational and social systems. The result is a more sophisticated level of reflection and analysis. The pace is intense and family support is essential.

The school is integrated into the American school and adopts the same calendars and schedules. The French program is considered a “specialty program”, in Abraham Lincoln School. The EFAC teaching team works with faculty from Lincoln Elementary and Lincoln High School to coordinate the best programs for students and to setup class schedules. Teachers ensure that materials are addressed consistently throughout the year. They support and provide encouragement to the students as the share their time between the two programs.

For the elementary school (K-8), EFAC follows the same school boundary requirement as ALES and therefore cannot admit students who do not reside within the boundaries set for Abraham Lincoln Elementary School. Lincoln Park High School does not have a school boundary requirement.

EFAC students begin 1h earlier than American students, and must arrive at school by 7:50am. During the day they pass from one class to another depending on their schedules. The pace is intense and family support is paramount. EFAC students also have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities after school, after 3:45pm.