At the primary level, from the 1st grade through the 5th grade, EFAC students enrolled in the bilingual program follow...
Subjects are more specialized in middle school. Students take lessons in French language, literature, history, geography and civics.
In Lincoln Park High School, one of the most popular high schools in Chicago, the French class is integrated into...
EFAC, the French-American School of Chicago offers the French Ministry of National Education’s scholastic program, integrated within the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) system.
The School Council is composed of the principal, teachers and 4 parent-delegates representing the four...
The School Board consists of five members elected every two years during the annual General...
  • Does EFAC provide extra-curricular activities? Are these available to students who are not part of EFAC?

    EFAC participes in the organization of some extra-curricular activities  led by ALES.  These activities are only available to students enrolled at ALES in grades 5 through 8.

  • Does EFAC provide food services to students ?

    EFAC students benefit from the same food services available to all students at CPS (ALES and LPHS campuses).  They may purchase food in the school cafeteria or bring their own.

  • Does EFAC offer boarding options for students?

    This is not a service provided by EFAC.

    • "We would like to express our deep gratitude to EFAC for allowing our two children, Elias (12 years) and Sophie (10 years), to receive a solid education in French for…
      Rachel Widawsky, Parent
    Bel Group
    The Cultural Service at the Consulate general of France in Chicago
    Alliance Francaise of Chicago
    Agence pour l’enseignement francais a letranger