Tuition is set annually by the School Board.

Once a student is enrolled at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School or at Lincoln Park High School and is accepted by the EFAC Director, families sign a contract governing the registration and deposit, or 10% of annual amount of tuition. In case of cancellation, these fees are not refundable.

Tuition fees (including supplies) are :
– $ 4,526 / year for kindergarten (GK)
– $ 5,980 for elementary and secondary school (1-8)
– $ 4,686 for high school (9-12). DELF fees are also $ 4,686 (9-12).

There are two forms of payment for EFAC and DELF:
1- a single payment for the full year (September)
2- two payments in equal installment (September/February)

The payment of regular school fees can be done online through an electronic funds transfer ACH (after receipt of invoice). The pre-registration fee ($ 100 per student / non-refundable) and the deposit must be paid by check.